First public release for 3dsmax 2012, 2013 and 2014 64bit



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With a biped in your scene, press the key assigned to the biped selector. A representation of your biped rig will show up and you can then select a bone (or multiple bones if you hold the ctrl key). Moving the mouse away or clicking the close button will hide the biped selector.


You can select any pivot point on the feet or hands by choosing the matching pivot button or by holding the shift key and selecting a finger or toe.


The Planted Key, Sliding Key and Free key button create a key at the current frame. Using the All Planted, Sliding or Free button will apply that type of key to all the selected key in the timeline.

Orange Buttons

The orange button are a fast selection mode for section of the biped.

Multiple Biped

If you have more than one biped and none of them selected while using the selection tool, a popup will let you pick the rig you wish to work on. If one or more bones are selected on a rig, the popup will always be shown for that selected biped. You can quickly switch to another biped from the shortcut button in the main interface.

Author: Guillaume Plourde